Bariatrak® EMR

Bariatra® is the electronic medical record developed by Dr. Rader specifically for medical (non-surgical) bariatric clinics.  The software modules include scheduling, patient record, front desk operations, patient flow, controlled medication tracking, and reporting.


  1. Electronic Health Record
  2. Office Operations (all modules interface)
  3. Reports and Data Mining


BariaTRAKTM Electronic Health Record

BariaTRAK™ Electronic Health Record


All needed clinically relevant data is visible on one screen.
This allows maximum time with patient interaction and
minimal time reviewing record and inputting data for this visit


BariaTRAK quick note system with treatment protocol configurable for each program


Discharge medication instruction sheet


Patient Instruction sheet

Each medication with typed clear instructions

Data time Next visit

Medication DEA rules repeated

Patient progress graph


Pt progress sheet

Prints summary weight and inches and graph of weight

can be viewed or printed for patient and used to review progress

and used in patient education

BariaTRAK™ Electronic Health Record

  • Interconnected with patient record
  • Search future and past appointments
  • Add and delete time slots
  • Allows blocking of schedules
  • Prints next days reminder phone call list
  • Allows appointment editing and rescheduling
  • Color codes by
    • type of visit,
    • extra time needed
    • Now show to appointment


 BariaTRAK TM Office Operations
Medicine Inventory constantly updating
And interfaces with state regulatory agencies when needed

BariaTRAKPill Inventory

  • Daily monthly and annual pill inventory
  • Interconnected with patient records
  • Auto enters pills dispensed
  • All DEA required information
  • Password protected to restrict access
  • May interface with state computer for dispensing reporting requirements

BariaTRAK™ Daily sheet

  • Front desk operations
  • Money sheet with daily collections
  • Break down office charges, collections, and supplement purchases
  • Tracks referral sources to study advertising success

BariaTRAK™ one click correspondences

  • MD referral letter first visit
  • MD referral follow-up
  • Patient Progress
  • Non-completers follow-up letters
  • Patient instruction sheet
  • superbill


BariaTRAKTM reports and mineable data
Visible or obtainable with one click for maximum use of patient interaction time

Automatically available

  • Weight loss meds used first visit and every visit
  • Non-weight loss meds (Rxed by PMD)
  • BMI every visit
  • BMI at life maximum
  • BMI of goal weight
  • Pounds lost of gained every visit
  • Total pounds lost
  • % weight loss from beginning body weight
  • % lost towards goal weight
  • Diagnosis problem list
  • Tracks lab results
  • Tracks changes in waist circumference
  • Dates of all visits

One click access

  • Graphs weight loss progress for use in patient education and progress
  • Track no show missed visits by each patient
  • Tracks when patient is 3 months or more from last visit
  • Generates as correspondence to each patient on the 1,2 and 5 year anniversary of their first visit

Minealbe data

  • Number of visits made by each patient
  • Weight loss as compered to average and benchmarks


Programmable treatment protocols – this is what we do, ask about, or talk about on first visit, second visit, active weight loss, transition and maintenance, relapse prevention, relapse intervention

 Automatically available

Tracks time patient is in the office for each visit from entry to exit # of patients in the office, their location, and waiting times,

Daily revenues
Daily charges by types of charges
Inventory of controlled medicines compliant with DEA regulations and generates results Interface able with state monitoring programs

One Click Access

  • Average weight loss visit, first visit
  • # of patient in each weight group by 25 pound weight group
  • Average weight loss in each weight group first visit
  • Average weight loss in each weight group overall
  • Source of referrals by patients and advertising (allows for tracking of advertising budgets
  • Generates superbills with CPT and ICD codes
  • One month no shows
  • Generates a correspondence to each patient on the 1, 2, and 5 year anniversary of their first visit, and mailing labels
  • Taxable charges to report to state taxes

Mineable data

  • Average weight loss visit by medicine used, first visit
  • Maximum weight loss
  • Minimum weight loss
  • Weight loss by any number of visits in any time period
  • This allows for ITT LOCF results and completers analysis at 1 year, 2year and 5 year time periods
  • Number of new patients by day month and year
  • Allows generation of categorical results % of patients losing 5%,10%, 15%,20%,25
  • Program weight loss results any number of visits in any time period

Patient results at first follow-up and medicines prescribed


Data is exportable into Excel foramt for further data maining and analysis


This allow mining of data to help practice evidence based medicine

Examples, medicine used, avg. weight loss by medicine, and % follow-up first visit in patients over 400 pounds


Example, medicine used, avg. weight loss by medicine, and % follow-up first visit in patients between 200 – 224 pounds


Total clinic all patients sortable by number of visits, weight loss and % BBW. his allows for calculation of categorical weight loss results ITT-LOCF and Completers analysis


Slide presented ASBP lecture comparing IWL results with research meds


using weight loss results obtained from BariaTRAK
Weight loss results ITT LOCF at 2 years completers vs. LOCF