“You are a wonderful teacher and your staff is well prepared to contribute to the process….”
I had a very meaningful trip to Boise that was loaded with positive educational experiences! Your clerkship was well organized, multifaceted and gave me the confidence to proceed with the plans to develop my own bariatric practice, hopefully utilizing your methods of therapy.

Within the expected boundary of a visiting physician from another state and its limitations, I was able to see, analyze, discuss and with your help to express my decision for therapy. That helps a lot. You are a wonderful teacher and your staff is well prepared to contribute to the process. It is amazing how much one can learn just by seeing the management of those dozens of patients. Thanks again to you and your staff for the exceptional experience!

Raffi Krikorian, MD

“I learned more in the week I spent with him than I did in a year of preventive medicine residency.”
Dr. Rader is wonderful. You will never find a better teacher and mentor.  I learned more in the week I spent with him than I learned in a year of preventive medicine residency.  He is kind, wonderful with patients, a great teacher, answered all my questions – about bariatrics and business – and he’s still answering questions for me when I get stumped.  He gave me everything I needed to start a very rewarding practice, and I hear daily how much of a difference I am making in people’s lives because of what he taught me.  I highly recommend the mini-residency, and I absolutely could not do without Bariatrak® (the EMR he and Michelle Kisner developed).  The world needs more of Dr. Rader’s mentees/students!

FP/Preventive Medicine Female MD, Washington

“I felt most welcomed and mentored by Dr. Rader and his entire staff…”
From the time I arrived to the moment I left, I felt most welcomed and mentored by Dr. Rader and his entire staff in the educational process. Lectures, articles, books, and symposiums are all part of the learning experience, but there is no substitute for actually participating first hand in the process of patient flow, education, and motivation. Bariatrics is a unique specialty and Dr. Rader has developed an extremely compassionate, educational, and successful program to help his patients not only lose their weight but maintain their weight loss as well.

ObGyn male MD, Georgia

“…the protocol gives one the foundation to implement the concepts of Bariatric Medicine and achieve great results with your own patients.”
I spent a week with Dr. Rader and his staff to learn more about Bariatric Medicine. Not only was the experience academically challenging and worthwhile, but very fun! The enthusiasm of Dr. Rader has spread to all aspects of his practice. The written Clinic Operations Manual/Bariatric Medical Protocol are invaluable resources that I’ve used repeatedly. An encouraging note for the novice Bariatrician is the data/results that other physicians have obtained with their Bariatric patients using Dr. Rader’s protocol. It is reassuring that the protocol gives one the foundation to implement the concepts of Bariatric Medicine and achieve great results with your own patients.  It is a credit to Dr. Rader that his ‘disciples’ are spreading across the nation and helping Bariatric patients achieve their goals and, ultimately, better health.

Instant Care MD male, Arizona

“I loved the [new patient] class.  I learned so much myself, even as a physician.”

  • You hosted me very well (coordination of flight, lodging, transportation). Very smooth and affordable.
  • Boise is a great city for traveling with a wonderful airport and proximity to your clinic
  • Hotel was great
  • Meals were great, and very nice of you to pay. I liked the breakfast and the beer idea.
  • Clinic introduction was concise, and appropriate
  • Clinical experience was so helpful (real live patients and your approach to problem solving)
  • The quality of patient teaching was superb
  • The lessons never became old for me, I appreciated hearing things once or twice.
  • Computer program was easy to understand and view
  • I liked watching you teach the class and Dr. Freshwater (points reinforced and clarified)
  • I loved the class. I learned so much myself, even as a physician.
  • It was clear that educating patients and educating the observing physician can be done without significant impairment in clinic efficiency.
  • You were superb in highlighting teaching points from each experience

GI MD male, California

“The Bariatrak® EMR software is top notch and easy to use.  No other program is as specific to Bariatrics…”
What a fantastic training program! I loved it!

From the moment I arrived, the itinerary was scheduled and prepared with great care to ensure I was taught all-important aspects of Bariatric Medicine.

Dr. Rader was extremely knowledgeable and informative and we had the best time seeing examples of the most common problems faced while treating this disease. Dr Rader is a wonderful physician, has a delightful bedside manner, and his positive attitude is contagious. He speaks to his patients in a way they can understand.  By ingratiating himself, the patient follows his advice to gain tremendous success.

“Dr. Rader’s staff is knowledgeable and approachable…

…they’re so friendly you feel like you’ve worked with them for years.”

The Bariatrak® EMR and office software program is top notch and easy to use. No other program is as specific to Bariatrics and comprehensively addresses all aspects of treating obesity. In addition, it can be modified to compliment additional medical uses.

The program allowed Dr Rader to easily display the most recent science and statistics to support his reasoning and even teaches the patient with his or her own success charts to motivate or congratulate. Dr Rader never stopped ensuring I was well informed on each topic and it is obvious this is his passion.

Dr. Rader’s staff is knowledgeable and approachable and most of all professional. They run a very cohesive and extremely effective clinic and they’re so friendly you feel like you’ve worked with them for years. He (and his wife) treated me to a fantastic time including daily breakfast, lunch and dinner at some of the best restaurants and even a home cooked meal for a relaxing night after clinic.

I recommend this training session to everyone especially those just starting a Bariatric practice.

As physicians, we never stop learning and Dr. Rader is one of a kind. Take the time to spend a week with him and you’ll agree…his program works and so can yours.

Internal Medicine, Florida

“Dr. Rader’s approach to treating obesity and obtaining long lasting results is unsurpassed by any other program”
The 4 day fellowship with Dr. Rader exceeded my expectations. It was everything he described it would be and more! Dr. Rader and his entire staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable while at the same time warm and welcoming. I felt very comfortable and I appreciated their willingness to help me, even with seemingly stupid questions. Dr. Rader’s approach to treating obesity and obtaining long lasting results is unsurpassed by any other program. Not only did I see the statistical results from his years worth of tracking patients’ progress, but I heard it from the patients themselves during follow-up visits.


I am encouraged by what I have learned and excited to have the opportunity to help the overweight/obese just as Dr. Rader does. I commend Dr. Rader for his willingness to not only teach other physicians the knowledge that he has gained through years of experience, but also for the enormous amount of personal time he devotes to those he trains and to the betterment of bariatric medicine. This was an invaluable experience and I highly recommend any physician wanting to specialist in bariatric medicine take the time and spend to money to train with Dr. Rader.

Lynn Carvel, MD

“My experience with Dr. Rader was amazing. He was able to organize his talks and teach in such an organized manner that it put everything together. We saw patients and reviewed their cases, and even at lunch or breakfast we were able to review cases, not only his patients but some of mine that I was having trouble with their weight loss.  Although I was already Board certified by the American Board of  Obesity Medicine, the experience that I obtained was more on a practical level of what I would see every day. I learned how not only to talk to patients to join the program, but also how to organize a talk to teach patient what to do. I was at first reluctant to spent the money to be with him for one week, but after I was done I realized it was well worth spending. I have been to multiple board review courses and meetings, but nothing compares to one on one with Dr. Rader for learning what is needed on a day to day basis.  FP NJ  Jan 2016

“Thank you Dr Swindler and your staff for a very productive experience I had during my visit to your clinic earlier in the week.  I was most impressed by the efficient working of your office and the spontaneous speed with which you had options and solutions to each patient’s different clinical scenarios engaging them into all (psychological, metabolic, behavioral and nutritional) aspects of long term weight loss.”

The clerkship was exactly what I was hoping for.  Now that I have been back a week and been able to utilize all that you taught, I truly appreciate your process.  I feel much more confident with patients, and feel like I can play a much more active role in their care, instead of just being a cheerleader and hoping for the best.  I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you.  Say hi to Michelle, Deb, and the rest of your staff for me, and give them my sincere thanks as well.  Looking forward to keeping in touch with you.

The whole experience was awesome and I learned a  ton.  Just watching Dr Swindler’s decision making  with the patients made the stuff on paper make a lot more sense and I feel like I can rationally and correctly manage my patients now.  I plan to really ramp up the Bariatrics in my practice over the Summer and Fall and stop OB in the Spring. OB/GYN: Arkansas OB/GYN: Arkansas